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            Company Profile Huasheng Medical Company

            Ningbo Huasheng Medical Devices Co., Ltd. Founded on December 26, 2005, the company is located in the southern bank of the Hangzhou Bay, in the middle of the Ningshao Plain, and is a modern city in the uprising city of Candun Industrial Park on the north side of Cixi City. Now approved by the State Market Supervision Administration, the company specializes in the production of centralized gas supply for hospitals. Wall oxygen inhaler, medical waste collection device, drainage bag, gas terminal, gas shut-off valve, pipe connection, various gas busbars, two-stage regulator, gas detection alarm box, valve box, electric remote control Mural terminal box, complete product specifications, reliable quality and reasonable price, praised by users.
            The company has CNC machine tools, high, medium and low air tightness testing equipment, to lay a solid foundation for improving product quality. At the same time, it has also won a stable and reliable reputation in the market.
            With the company's tenet of "market-oriented, human health as its mission, continuous improvement, and the courage to innovate," the company's tenet of "survive by quality and seek development through science and technology," strictly implements "credibility first, quality first, service The principle of the first, fast, high-quality service, allowing customers to buy the rest assured that the use of peace of mind is our goal. We will continue to strengthen the company's management, self-improvement, and return the society with the highest quality service.

            Huasheng Medical Corporate

            1. Efficient brand success, integrity builds the future.
            2. The construction of a conservation-oriented enterprise starts from me. Saving is a benefit and saving is a synergy.
            3. Attitude is everything, details determine success or failure.
            4. Only if you have the courage to take responsibility can you take greater responsibility.
            5. More communication and less complaints. More understanding, fewer disputes.
            6. It is your responsibility and my responsibility to pursue customer satisfaction.
            7. Only imperfect products, no non-critical customers.
            8. It is not easy to win a customer. It is very simple to lose a customer.
            9. Everyone is your customer.
            10. Did you smile today?

            Huasheng Medical organiza-
            Huasheng MedicalHonor
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